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We provide professional cameras and lenses that offer exquisite  detail, clarity, and zoom.

5 Days


This five-day wildlife photography tour in Colombia offers an immersive journey through the country's lush landscapes, showcasing a diverse array of native bird species, particularly the captivating hummingbirds.

8 Days


A unique experience for photography enthusiasts, blending expert guidance with the stunning natural beauty of Colombia's Coffee Region. Explore prime birdwatching destinations, capturing the diverse birdlife, including over 1,900 species and 140 types of hummingbirds.


High-Resolution Cameras

High-resolution cameras stand at the forefront of photography technology, offering capabilities that significantly outpace those of smartphones:

  • Greater Resolution: These cameras capture images with incredible detail, enabling large prints without loss of quality.

  • Dynamic Range: They excel in capturing a wide range of light and shadow, preserving details in both bright and dark areas.

  • Low Light Performance: High-resolution cameras perform exceptionally in low light, reducing noise and capturing clear images where smartphones struggle.

  • Versatility and Control: Offering manual settings for exposure, focus, and more, they provide unparalleled creative control over the final image.

Super-Telephoto Lenses

The Canon 800mm f/5.6 lens represents a pinnacle of photographic engineering, offering an unparalleled level of detail, clarity, and reach that far surpasses what's achievable with a standard cell phone camera:

  • Unmatched Detail and Clarity: This lens captures incredibly detailed images, far surpassing the capabilities of any smartphone camera.

  • Superior Reach: Its long focal length is perfect for wildlife and sports photography, allowing you to photograph distant subjects without disturbing them.

  • Investment in Quality: The Canon 800mm f/5.6 lens is not just special in terms of its capabilities; it also carries a price tag that reflects its premium status.

  • $$$: Each of our camera and lens setups cost over $20,000USD which is shown in the professional-grade images it produces.

Friendly Guides, Expert Instruction

Our guides aren't just experts in photography; they're passionate teachers dedicated to making your experience enjoyable and educational. They're here to help you set up your camera gear, teach you how to frame the perfect shot, and guide you through the technicalities with patience and encouragement:

Personalized Instruction: Friendly guides are available to assist you in setting up your camera gear for to get perfect shots.

Creative Guidance: Teaching you to frame the perfect shot and navigate through the intricacies of photography with patience.

Small Group Sizes: By keeping our tour groups small, we guarantee that every participant enjoys ample opportunities to interact with our guides, ask questions, and receive feedback on their work in real time.​


A 2x teleconverter, when paired with an 800mm lens combination effectively doubles the focal length of the lens to an astounding 1600mm, allowing unparalleled close-ups and detailed captures of distant subjects.

Multi-Flash Setups

Our multi-flash setups for hummingbird photography are meticulously designed to capture the rapid movements and iridescent colors of these mesmerizing birds in exquisite detail.

Carbon Fiber Tripods

We employ Gitzo Carbon Fiber tripods, robust construction ensures reliable support for heavy cameras and lenses, crucial for achieving sharp, blur-free images in wildlife photography.

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