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This book is filled with photos of rainforest animals and wildlife! It seems like the more we learn about the Amazon, the more questions many of us have and although hundreds of biologists work in the Amazon jungle to try and unravel the secrets of this complex forest and the wildlife that lives there, there is still much to be answered. This book attempts to answer many of the commonly asked questions about this incredible rainforest as well as other not so common questions about rainforest animals and wildlife.


Although we came up with some of these questions on our own, most come from requests for questions. We asked hundreds of people to send us the most intriguing questions they could think of concerning the Amazon rainforest and were treated to more than a hundred very interesting questions about this vast jungle. Just about every question was a good one and merited an answer. To find the most accurate answers as possible, many hours were spent researching information to provide honest, clear information that reflects current knowledge of the Amazon rainforest.

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