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Wild Lenses Certified Partners


Wild Lenses Certified Partners are to progressive ecolodges and tour operators that excel in photographers with a full range of photography programs, camera and lens rental selection, and incredible wildlife spotting opportunities. To qualify as Wild Lenses Certified Partner, an ecolodge or operator must meet elevated service and business standards and both promote and offer only Wild Lenses photography experiences. These partners also actively promote environmental awareness and embrace the Wild Lenses system of photography education, with a commitment to providing quality training, products, services and experiences.

Rainforest Expeditions - Tamboapta, Peru


Rainforest Expeditions is a Peruvian ecotourism company founded in 1992 with the purpose of combining tourism a with environmental education, research and local sustainable development to support the conservation of the areas where they operate, the Tambopata Candamo Reserved Area.


Rainforest Expeditions offers several photography expeditions ranging from 5-7 days as well as offering custom trips. Photographers can experience Tambopatas abundant wildlife from all three of Rainforest Expeditions premier ecolodges.


Highlights include photographing Howler monkeys, Giant River Otters, Scarlet macaws, Hoatzin birds, capybara and leafcutter ants, as well as a newly discovered species of spider.


Rainforest Expeditions also rents cameras and lenses.


For more information visit: Rainforest Expeditions Photography Workshops

Floreana Lava Lodge - Galapagos, Ecuador


Located in the Galapagos Islands, Floreana Lava Lodge is an amazing place to photograph wildlife.  Of all the galapagos islands Floreana is the smallest of the inhabited islands is the exception with a total population of only 150. 


When Charles Darwin visited the islands in 1835, he discovered and participated in the description of the four endemic mockingbird species. Today, three of the four species are on the Red List for birds, with the Floreana Mockingbird (N. trifasciatus) considered Critically Endangered.


Floreana Island also has 88 species of birds, 9 which are endangered. The island is also home to the Dark-rumped Petrel which is endemic to the island.


Tropical Herping - Mindo, Ecuador


Tropical Herping offers photographic safaris, herping tours, photography workshops, research expeditions and custom trips. These are all-inclusive, meaning they provide you with all meals, accomodations, land and river transportation, park entrance fees and our guiding and planning services. All you have to do is arrive at the starting city for each event, and then relax and enjoy the most memorable adventure of your life.


During the photography trips you will have advice and assistance from experienced tour leaders that are both famous photographers and recognized scientists. That way, you can focus on creating the best possible images while we focus on creating the most unforgettable travel experience of your life.


The photographers at Tropical Herping also take credit for the rediscovery of the Pinocchio lizard which was thought to be extinct for 50 years, but was rediscovered in the cloud forests of Ecuador.


For more information visit: Tropical Herping Photography Tours

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